Dr. Fillo’s Mentor Presents at Research Society on Alcoholism

Jun 28, 2023

At the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, Dr. Fillo’s mentor Dr. Kenneth Leonard presented a poster as part of Dr. Fillo’s ongoing funded NIH-funded K01 study “Dyadic Influence Processes among Heavy Drinking Couples.” The RSA presentation expanded upon the CHARM Lab’s existing focus on leveraging romantic relationships to influence partner drinking behavior and called for research that examines a broader range of drinking changes. While most current research focuses on abstinence, the CHARM Lab seeks to focus more on reduction (i.e. frequency, quantity) and not drinking to extremes (i.e. intoxication, binge drinking) as means of shifting the alcohol field away from a strict focus on abstinence. Congratulations to Dr. Fillo, Dr. Leonard, and the rest of the team for this valuable contribution to the field of alcohol research!